Author Topic: What does it mean to have Studio or be a Record Producer?  (Read 1115 times)

What does it mean to have Studio or be a Record Producer?
« on: August 20, 2013, 08:27:07 PM »
What does it mean to be a Producer or have a Recording Studio?

If you are calling yourself a recording studio, reconsider that statement, think about professional studios now, in technical terms a studio is a room where a band rehearses or records.

There is a separate control room where the master engineer is at head of high end equipment. A separate room might be used as an vocal booth, referred to as a “iso booth”. All high-end studios are treated may have floating floors. This helps with deep bass and loud noise rumble.

If you are an artist and you know you have the talent with your poetry, it will be hurting your career to have to start your own bedroom studio and learn how to record your beats, learn how to get your beats out there, learn how to market yourself.

Instead it might be wise to invest in proper production or professional studio time to be able to effortlessly express your talents. It’s no fun having to learn EVERYTHING you need to know just so you can add a beat to your lyrics, which is you love so much, you probably don’t even want to make beats but you think it’s the “cheapest/easiest/fastest” way… it’s actually the other way around friend…

If you have any setbacks in a pro studio or with proper production it could be a shortcoming on your behalf.

This is not the end of the road. Learn self development. Study others in your field of talents who are successful.

If they create music, listen to their sound… Learn how to integrate not how to copy.

Appreciate the efforts you hear and say out loud “I can do this too, let me try now…” It takes time but you will come to find it is easy to master once you keep learning and setting goals.

That is exactly what you create with YOUR music. A person listens to it, analyzes it, feels it, reacts to it and it INSPIRES creativity, it hones CONCENTRATION, it eases EMOTIONS, it does so much good to someone I’m surprised it hasn’t been classified as a drug.

There is great influence behind our music.

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Re: What does it mean to have Studio or be a Record Producer?
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The definition of both Recording Studio and Music Producer are not very defined IMO. A lot of people claim to own a recording studio or having careers in "music production" but many are just home setups or guys making beats with a computer and a midi keyboard. I think if you have the knowledge and equipment to provide a service that an artist wants, that certainly justifies charging for "studio time" or considering yourself a recording studio / music production facility to an extent. Really both labels apply to a vast amount of different things, and I suppose I'd call my setup a "recording studio".

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Re: What does it mean to have Studio or be a Record Producer?
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2013, 03:09:32 PM »
It is a good question because you can have software that functions as a studio or a mixing board.  So studios can be within a computer.  To be a record producer is to create the music that goes behind vocals.  Or if not creating the music then to be the "mixer" which means refining the sounds to make them more pleasurable to the ears.