Author Topic: Any budget analog synth suggestions?  (Read 9017 times)

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Any budget analog synth suggestions?
« on: May 07, 2015, 12:32:57 AM »
I've been listening to tons of Tangerine Dream lately and I decided instead of buying another guitar that I should buy a cool analog synth. There's a Korg MS-20 reissue at a guitar shop here that I've messed around with that runs about $600 but I wonder if there's more bang for my buck. A friend mentioned the Minibrut synth was another good option but I figured I'd ask so all my bases were covered before I bought something.

For reference this is the type of sound I'm looking for:

I mainly just want a synth to make really thick, spacey passages. I'm not necessarily tied to any specific sound. I could go for something that had just good sounding strings or just a basic monophonic synth if it sounded great.

Re: Any budget analog synth suggestions?
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