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General Music Discussion / Re: Favorite Rock artist and Song?
« on: April 18, 2015, 04:00:31 AM »
About 4 or 5 years ago I discovered Black Light Burns, and truthfully, I fell in love. The band was started by Wes Borland the guitarist from Limp Bizkit and I have honestly a profound appreciation for their work. I do feel like metioning that I found their earlier work much more enthralling. Anyway, just listen to their tracks "4 Walls" and "Lie" if you want to get a feel for their stuff.

Mastering / Re: Quick Way for Mastering. Need Help!
« on: April 17, 2015, 06:56:44 AM »
I'm just here seeing as other, more pr0, people haven't responded. I am not familiar with Logic at all so I can't really help, but I would guess you have wrongly configured settings in Logic that interfere with the final mix. I THINK so at least; other than that I would suggest Googling if you haven't (I'm just throwing it out there as a suggestion if you haven't already). You might also want to check that your sound card is configured correctly within Logic. Other than that I hope you get it sorted. Best of luck.

I think anyone who has done a proper search on the interwebberz are aware of the plethora of pugins that are available, but therefore it could also be somewhat daunting finding that particular plugin that you're looking for. I am curious though, has anyone got a certain plugin that you felt made a big difference to your work?

Here are a few that has imposed a lasting impression on me, and that I still continue to use:

Zebra/Zebra 2: a quaint little synthmaker that produces remarkable sounds, even void of any additional effects.
Crystallizer: or anything from SoundToys really, but Crystallizer specifically gives that atmospheric feedback that I love.
Bleep: a simple 8-bit synth that is quite versatile.

Not to mention the soundfonts I have acquired over the years, but that is a topic for another thread.

Vocals / Re: Should You Use Auto-Tune?
« on: April 16, 2015, 03:59:14 PM »
But for quality purposes, it must be applied. Not everybody is perfect pitch.

Give this man a cookie; seeing as I reluctantly will admit I suffer from cantsinganitis. However, to add to that statement I am about 99% sure I will never perform live, which would have been the deciding factor on whether or not I would actually incorporate it into my tracks. Probably all of us has witnessed some artist live that just sounded, well, like it's not them. Regardless, if said artist is truly convinced that they need it, or that it helps them to achieve a creative aspect THEY wanted to achieve, then I personally feel they have every right to utilize it

It depends on your needs and whether you wish to accomplish something completely different, and if you believe that a different DAW will satisfy that wish. Truthfully, I have been using FL religiously and I am aware that if a track I am working on lacks that 'oomph', it is because I simply have not endeavoured hard enough to get it right. I can, however, suggest that you get as many plugins as humanly possible as it pushes the scope of one's capabilities. In fact, if it weren't for plugins I would have switched to another DAW for sure; specifically Reason as I have toyed with it for a few hours and found its synths mind-blowing.

Again, though, it just depends on what you wish to accomplish. And maybe I'm just a FL-fanboy...

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