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That's a great idea. Its actually already a part of thd forum but its very obscure at the moment. Maybe it should have bolder text and a different color to stand out.

In the top right corner when you're logged in there's a "Show unread posts since your last visit" and "Show replies to your posts" buttons , but they're in white text and don't stand out at all.

Vocals / Re: Worst singer ever
« on: May 06, 2015, 10:06:57 PM »
Those Rae Sremmurd boys make my ears bleed looL.

Nonsense zooone. We dun Know what pitch is...we dooont know what tone is..nonsense zone (repeat 99x)//

Ooh and if you haven't heard Axle Rose live lately...take a listen lmao. He used to be amazing...its kinda sad. time to pull the plug imo

i am on the market to adding a keyboard to my studio. I want to know what you guys are having success with. I want to make sure that my artists agree with it.

sorry for the late response - did you make your purchase already, n if so what did you decide to go with?

If you're still looking, maybe providing some more details / specifics as to what you want, and what you're trying to accomplish with the keyboard, can help us give you better suggestions.

Digital Music Production and DAWs / Re: Fruity loops
« on: May 05, 2015, 12:38:20 PM »
Sometimes home production can be tricky but I have found that by using this program you can do wonderous things and achieve so much with your sound. You can edit and extend some of the riffs or simply just record backing vocals along with your voice. The program is not difficult to learn and if you don't know how to use it I would recommend that you learn to as this is a good one to use to make good music and cd's.

FL is a very powerful and versatile tool - regardless of how much the high brow music snobs like 2 bash it, FL won't be leaving my arsenal anytime soon. I love a lot of the new innovative features that the "upper tier" (aka more expensive) DAWs have been coming out with, but at the same time I can work SO much faster in FL.

General Music Discussion / Re: Beatles vs Elvis
« on: May 05, 2015, 12:32:06 PM »
I'm probably the outcast on this one...Not a big fan of either TBH. I enjoy a lot of the musical aspects in Elvis' songs, but knowing tht they basically took african american music, gave the original artists / musicians no credit and slapped Elvis' face n voice on it, is a big turn off 2 me. I understand marketing n that this is an industry with business in mind - still doesn't sit well w/ me...idk

Ppl's jaws always drop when I say I don't like the Beatles...everyone acts like a pre-requisite for being passionate about music is enjoying the Beatles. For me, they were pioneers in the industry, in the studio and with the methods at the time they were cutting edge - BUT, the music itself is not something I enjoy at all...

Introductions / Re: Greetings to everyone!
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:55:40 AM »
Hello Tasha - Welcome to RaP Forums. It sounds like your experience and knowledge will be invaluable to the community. Thanks for stopping in

Vocals / Re: What are some good vocal exercises?
« on: April 23, 2015, 01:03:02 PM »
Preferably for a casual singer who doesn't want to exhaust her voice, ya know?

i'm no vocalist, but for any kind of tutorial / lessons / just learning something new I always liked the For Dummy's products

might be worth considering a coach / tutor rather than trying to learn on your own..experience often trumps knowledge tho, so just keep practicing and you'll be killin it in no time

General Music Discussion / Re: Music snobbery
« on: April 23, 2015, 12:53:30 PM »
The one thing I can not stand about a music discussion is when people berate yo for your tastes in music, there is nothing worse than someone that thinks they are better than a person because their music taste is "cool" We all like different things and that should be celebrated.
Have you encountered a lot of music snobbery?

ppl tend to believe their preferences are exclusively superior to others in most aspects of life...but yeah music ppl can be sNobby for sure.

Music Theory / Re: Stuck in D minor
« on: April 13, 2015, 09:42:24 AM »
The Dminor key is the relative minor to the key of F. If you understand that, then you can go to the 2nd of F which will be your Gminor . If you count up from F, you will discover that the 6 note is a D. If you go down a minor third from F ie: F-E-D, you will find the D note. The key to your issue is understanding chord allocation according to the scale. Not sure what your knowledge base is. But remember this. The 1st,4th and 5th notes in the scale has a major chord assignment major. The 2nd, 3rd and 6th notes in the scale has a minor chord assignment.The 7th note in the scale has a diminished chord assignment. It will always be that unless otherwise indicated. A math equation to help you remember this is this--1+4=5/major chords,2x3=6/minor chord. 1,4,5= major chord,2.3,6=minor chord. I hope that helped. This applies to all instruments,but most visilbe on the keyboard. Peace.
+Rep, very informative post.

I used to find it helpful to keep the intervals for minor and major scales written on a notecard, so regardless of the root note I could I always find the other notes...I had this taped to my wall for years:

Major - Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half
Minor - Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole

The intervals are in steps btw, whole steps / half steps...

General Music Discussion / Re: Who's your favorite producer?
« on: April 10, 2015, 06:35:21 AM »
Right now, for me it's a toss-up between Timbaland and Zedd
I gotta go w/ J Dilla and Quincy Jones for a tie.

Speakers / Re: Looking for budget actives
« on: April 09, 2015, 05:40:41 PM »
Sorry that was the wrong model - These ones are what I was thinking:

The B2031A's are nice too for the price, but like you said its above the budget..

That one is expensive too - €290 per one monitor. :S Don't know why, the pricing is kind of weird in Europe sometimes. Thanks, though!
wow thats crazy it only shows $120 ea for me... ;/

Speakers / Re: Looking for budget actives
« on: April 09, 2015, 02:46:28 PM »
If you haven't made a decision yet, i'd consider the Behringer Truth B2031A's as another budget option. They don't produce a completely flat signal (not sure anything in this range does), but you can definitely create a good mix w/ them that will translate over to other systems sounding just as good.

Thanks, but they cost more than twice the amount of what the M-AUDIOs would cost. The M-AUDIOs cost around €180-200, the Behringers retail for over €360 here..

Sorry that was the wrong model - These ones are what I was thinking:

The B2031A's are nice too for the price, but like you said its above the budget..

Vocals / Re: How Much Echo and Reverb is TOO MUCH?
« on: April 09, 2015, 12:20:56 PM »
Often times, if you're on the Soundcloud or YouTube account of someone that is fairly new to mixing and mastering their own music, you'll hear tons and tons of echo and reverb.

My question is, if you do use these effects for certain parts of your songs, how much do you use - and how much do you think is too much??

(Depending on the genre, echo and reverb is often unwanted and off-putting).

Typically I would suggest subtlety. Of course there are a lot of factors, and it's situational, but I prefer very subtle reverb. Practical use of reverb to me is using it to create a space for my sound to live inside - not to be a distinguishably different sound heard separate from the instrument you're applying the effect to.

You can do some really cool shit with reverb and other effects, but I think the best use for it in digital music is to try and emulate a real environment for your sound.

I wrote this a while back if you want to check it out: Reverb Guide: What Is Reverb?

Speakers / Re: Looking for budget actives
« on: April 09, 2015, 12:02:57 PM »
Hey there, I hope it's okay to post a new thread for advice, I haven't seen any general recommendation threads around.

I finally want to get some real speakers, as opposed to the 8 years old $20 Mantas I have, and as I'm not exactly too serious about music production yet, I was looking into some budget options. I do know that I definitely want actives, and ones that are under €180 a pair.

So far I've settles on these four models:
PreSonus Eris E4.5
Alesis Elevate 5
ESI aktiv 05

I've heard the ESI lack bass, and since I mostly listen to post-punk and other bass guitar driven music, I'm probably going to pass on them. Other than that, I'm not sure which of those to get. The M-AUDIOs seem to have the best reviews, but the rest are pretty positive as well...

As I said, they will be used mostly for listening to post-punk/shoegaze/goth rock/deathrock/punk, occasionally jazz and some "classic" rock. I do think I would also prefer them to be as flat as possible - if that doesn't contradict - becase I do make music on the side (dark ambient, another really bass heavy genre), and I want to start learning how to master. DAC will be added later, probably one of the HiFimeDIY line.

If you haven't made a decision yet, i'd consider the Behringer Truth B2031A's as another budget option. They don't produce a completely flat signal (not sure anything in this range does), but you can definitely create a good mix w/ them that will translate over to other systems sounding just as good.

Audio Samples / Re: 2infamouz Trap Kit - Free Drum Kit Download
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:43:16 AM »
Been rocking the 2infamouz trap kit since '13 ;)

LOL same here. We gotta press him to put out the 2015 version :P

Yo 2infamouz any plans on releasing a new kit?

thts crazy - I was literally just about to post in here that the new kit is on the way n then I read that lol. We've been working hard to make this one higher quality, and more expansive than the previous one. but's coming. About a week out from release - and'll be FREE  8)

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