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Mixing Kicks (Mixed By Marc Mozart)
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:11:15 AM »

"KICK TONES: Frequencies + TuningThink of the Kick Drum Sound consisting of 3 different frequency components!
1. the fundamental root note in the low end (45 – 75 Hz)
2. the pressure point (an octave higher, 90 – 150 Hz)and 3. harmonics and noise (anything above).

Think of them like an ensemble of tones and frequencies, like a string section that has a bass, celli, violas and violins.

To place the Kick perfectly in your mix, it helps to look at and treat those 3 distinct components separately.

Some producers use different samples for these components, and I often get them as separate tracks for my mix sessions.

But even if your tracks come with a single Kick, you can create a copy of your Kick track on another track. By cutting (HPF) everything below 150Hz you can exclusively treat the harmonics and noise-component (3.). Experiment with various treatments from Tape Simulation to Distortion, Compressing/Limiting, then add that channel to the original sound.

Just as an example for the separation of the 3 distinct frequency components: the screenshot below shows the fundamental removed with a HPF, pressure point (138 Hz) dipped by 5 dB, and a broad boost of the “noise” of + 5.1 dB at 2500 Hz"
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Re: Mixing Kicks (Mixed By Marc Mozart)
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Read, listen and think on it.