Author Topic: Hello everybody, I present my Quick Mix offer - Pro Mix for the Indie Artist  (Read 557 times)

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This service is for independent artists with a modest budget who need to make their music sound professional and competitive for online releases, youtube, impressing Demos a.s.o.

Quick Mix for $69 only

For the Quick Mix I use a limited time of 2 full hours
working on:

    Adjusting the VOLUME BALANCE of your Song
    Focusing on  EQUALIZATION, removing mudd,  placing each instrument in its frequency range, adding beautiful separation
    Adding tastefull  COMPRESSION where needed, giving more steady performances and presence to your song
    Adding PANNING, creating a wide stereo image, putting each instrument in its horizontal space
    Adding REVERBERATION, to give room and space to each instrument, creating 3D perception for your music
    Adding creative EFFECTS like Delay, Chorus a.s.o. giving the right spice to your song