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I am a producer/musician that plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and makes BEATS. I offer mixing services, custom beat making and record artists in my home studio.

I started journey into music back in 2004, my fellow classmates jammed on other instruments, this was my first ever experience seeing music being created live, inside I felt something special this mixture of harmony and rhythm awakened something deep within me... it was a very hard feeling to explain, but the only way to describe it is a kind of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, something you can neglect, mistreat, disrespect but will never leave you, it will be ready to connect with you when you pick it up again... no matter low long you set it down for.

I wasn't the most dedicated musician, I strayed from my path several times, there was times when I didn't pick up my guitar in years. Still, besides the fact that I was no longer picking up my guitar... the music NEVER stopped, on my computer, in my headphones, during video games, during surfing... the music kept playing. About five years ago I had a mental and spiritual "awakening" my goals in life appear and my vision became clear... I found purpose, definition, virtue, integrity, dedication and exceptional effort within myself. Days transformed into Gifts, each day I have my health and able to work/play/create is another day someone or something is appreciated.

 All these feelings were so new to me yet felt so natural, I started thinking different, I started eating different, I stopped drinking ANY alcohol, I started dressing different (dressy). I started pushing my limits at work, I hold the TRUTH as the highest form of self respect and gratification, I found myself disliking lies, thinking even less of liars. I found my own self's worth...

Last year (2012) I picked up the guitar again and along with it bass, keyboards, drums, I dove deeper into engineering/producing...Who says one man can't play all instruments, that which limits our thoughts shall also limit our abilities, My journey just started and already it's given me more than I hoped. Everything in my life I am grateful for, nothing goes unnoticed.


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